Cheese & Cheese

The Challenge

Cheese & Cheese is a trademark of Dairy Factory Plus Inc., which aims to create authentic and fresh Mediterranean-style yogurt and cheeses through a combination of traditional and modern ways and methods in dairy production. The company wanted to have a platform online where they can learn about their products and how to incorporate them in the Filipino diet as well as a place where people can buy the products.

Scope of Work

Mobile Development
Back-end Development
Serverless Technology

Cheese and Cheese


For the brand to establish its name, it helps to create its own website which serves as an all-in-one platform where there are sections for recipes, where to buy, product features, contacts, and every single thing about it. With people trying to look for easy-to-make recipes on Google these days, the website should be as easy to navigate as it can possibly be.

Cheese and Cheese
Cheese and Cheese
Cheese and Cheese

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